Feel the winter thaw yet?

February 22, 2018

You know that feeling you get in the winter months when everything seems to be moving slower? Like the world around you has a frost (figurative and literal) over it and has become rigid and cold. You blame the weather, your lack of motivation and exhaustion, or how tempting all those shows are that you've been hoping to binge watch cuddled up on your couch wrapped in a big blanket. As true as those thoughts and temptations may be don't allow this time of year to slow you down to a stop when it comes to working towards your goals. I merely suggest this due to how I've been feeling lately, even right now. It can be difficult to get going when it seems that the world is slowing you down. But the thaw in spring always comes and with it fresh inspiration and motivation. So try your best to stay diligent. It is much harder to gain speed from a stop versus a slow roll. Till you feel the thaw begin stay happy and open for ideas and creativity and keep the momentum going forward, even if it's slow. For now enjoy my throwback photos from a day goofing around in nature, which is always reinvigorating!




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